Sunflowers, Bees and blue skies

Weekly Update (Number One!)

So, it’s been a week since we started recording Lola’s miles and I stumbled across a hurdle along the way; my laptop decided to take a final dive into oblivion, leaving me feeling rather lost if I’m honest.

Upon reflection, it’s been lovely. I don’t have a smart phone which means I’ve had an incredibly peaceful week. I’ve written in the past about Social Media and the impact it has on our lives, but I had not really considered the bigger picture. Time spent browsing, off down the Google rabbit hole, looking at those overseas property websites (if you’re me!)… it all eats into the time we have for our loved ones but more importantly, overuse of technology disrupts our natural awareness of our surroundings and entire existence.

Funnily enough, this has been driven home to me as I embark up on a degree, which at 46 is both empowering and scary. The first module is Cultural Studies, and it’s interesting to learn how new methods of communication are rewriting cultural etiquette in many countries. I’m not sure how I feel about that – progress is good but I do believe it’s important to carry traditions and beliefs through generations. In a world where we see teenage friends walking together, gazing downwards and obsessively scrolling, it seems that conversation and sharing precious time together is secondary. I do worry for the future of our children if we don’t educate them, lead by example and keep communication flowing.

Obviously, I’m back online with a shiny new laptop and have returned to the land of the web. This week has made me realise that I need to consciously make the choice to manage my time better and to live more purposefully. I thought I was already doing so but actually I have found time this week to do so much more; it’s almost like some kind person came along and said, “Here, you wanted more hours in the day… this is how you get them.”

I have welcomed those extra hours with open arms but am very aware that I could descend down the slippery slope to the depths of the Interweb once again. In fact, I’m inspired by Lola’s commitment to walking each day and recording her progress so I’m taking a leaf out of her book. I’m going to monitor my time online and remember to Switch Off and Tune In to the world around me.

As both Lola and I make progress I will share it with you. If we can inspire more families to get outside, spend time together and live a healthier life both physically and mentally, I will be happy. Of course, not every day will be sunshine and blue skies, but if we take a moment to remember the days that were, it will help us look to the future with optimism.

That’s it for today. Oh, I almost forgot! Lola is now up to 11.46 miles… still a long way to go but we’re getting there!

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