Walking in the rain near Bath

Walking in the Rain

We’re at the end of week three and things are going well. We’ve been out for a walk every day regardless of the weather and we’ve also managed to go out while Lola had a cold. This may sound ridiculous to some, but usually viruses trigger her asthma. In fact, it was exactly this that started the idea to do this challenge.

Lola’s asthma always escalates as autumn approaches. This year she had remained on her steroid inhaler throughout the summer and unfortunately fell into the trap of the extended warmth in September lulling us into a false sense of security. She picked up a cold just as the weather changed, and we had three sleepless nights where she coughed late into the night and from the very early hours. At 11.30pm on the worst of the three nights, she was crying because the cough was so painful and said, “I hate my asthma, I wish I could do something to make it go away!”

The next day I called the asthma nurse and Asthma UK. These nurses are fantastic; their knowledge and reassurance has been a saviour for me on many occasions. It was after this when I was talking to Lola about what the lady had said and how great they were that she asked if she could raise money to help fund them. 1,000 Miles for Asthma was born.

Later that day we saw our own asthma nurse straight and Lola was put back on Seretide, her long acting reliever and steroid; I can’t stress enough the impact this has on her wellbeing. She’s got through this week with a cold and no asthma symptoms at all. This is absolutely down to her taking the medication at the right time and in the right dose.

To top things off we’ve just been out walking in the rain. On a day where I would have taken the car in the past, we walked to the local shop for milk. We totted up another mile and a half which brings Lola’s total to 35.02 miles! I should add that this doesn’t include her natural activity, these are miles that we go out to walk and track for the purpose of the challenge.

Lola is not only taking ownership of her own health but it’s also inspiring me to do the same. I’m so proud of her and I hope you’ll stay with us as we take each day at a time to reach our target.






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