One Hundred Miles!

I haven’t been updating things here as much as I’d like because Christmas, work and family have been a priority but I am very happy to say that Lola has reached her one hundred mile milestone!

The weather has been dreadful for the past few weeks and whilst I am encouraging her to live a full life with her condition, there are times when it would just be crazy to go out. Torrential rain and high winds are such times, so those of you who are in the UK will understand that it’s just been a little bit beyond the outer limits of our comfort zone of late! Not great for taking photographs either.

None the less, we have managed to get out in shorter bursts and I’ve been recording what Lola has been doing; this just goes to prove that small steps are indeed a great means of reaching larger goals!

So here we are, 29th December and with Christmas behind us. We head into the New Year with 10 % of our target achieved and we are planning the climax of the challenge; I will share more about that as we see things coming together.

I’m also writing a reflective post about this time of year. Christmas 2018 has been a challenge for us and I know we are not alone in experiencing a low emotional period amidst the celebrations. By writing authentically I hope to reassure others that they are not alone. I also hope to share useful tools to help manage emotional rollercoasters which include allowing yourself to have a bad day. We are not machines, after all.

But let’s end this on a positive note. Lola has achieved a great milestone and I am extremely proud of her. 2019 will throw more challenges at us but together we will overcome them. Life is far too precious to dwell. We must look after ourselves and our loved ones and embrace each day with open arms.

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