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Making Tickles and Giggles Possible

Today I’m sharing a quick post about our progress and a pause for thought. It’s only a two minute read, so please take a moment to share with us.

It’s been a very wet few days here in Bath, but we’ve managed to squeeze in a walk each day in between the downpours. We’re tantalising close to 5% of Lola’s goal being achieved and I think we’re going to hit that milestone tomorrow but for now, I want to talk a little about something that will seem insignificant to some.

I woke this morning to a request for morning tickles. Sounds like normal childhood behaviour, doesn’t it? The thing is, for us it hasn’t always been the case. For many years I was scared to push the tickle-o-meter with Lola because she would start coughing to the extent of not being able to breathe. It’s a simple thing that we take for granted but I can assure you, being able to breathe is not a given for everyone.

I know that sounds dramatic but it’s one of the key reasons for us being here and Lola’s challenge – to help educate people about the multiple impacts of asthma. Having said that, rather than focusing on the downside let’s look at the positive.

Lola’s medication has made giggles and tickles possible again. The work that Asthma UK do makes life easier for many people and allows us simple pleasures that others enjoy without a second thought. Without them, our morning tickles would either end in disappointment or need for a reliever inhaler.

So with all that said, my message to you is to embrace the little things; don’t take them for granted because life can change very fast. Stop and take a moment to look at what’s around you, just like Lola looking at the last of the Fuschia in our photograph.



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