Day three and we’re keeping up the momentum. We’ve been blessed by good weather this week, warm autumn sunshine and gentle breezes could not be a better motivator in assisting our desire to create a habit.

This morning was very foggy but I still managed to get outside for a few snaps. As an artist and writer I can’t resist the temptation of capturing a beautiful moment.

As for the rest of the day, it was one spent with family followed by a walk home. No car in sight today! When we got back to our house we were greeted by a hot air balloon landing in our field (well it’s not ours… it’s the farmer’s but it’s outside our house!) Once again, we spent a good twenty minutes outside and were joined by neighbours. I have to say that this can be a rarity these days, can’t it? We rush from pillar to post and at times barely know what day it is, let alone stopping for a chat with the locals!

Anyway, all in all another good day:

2.3 miles


Miles to go:

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